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Semes In Search Of Sweet Ukes

Ukes United
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Welcome to Ukes United, a LiveJournal community that is dedicated to helping seme role players find their uke couterpart. In case you didn't know this group is YAOI oriented. What's Yaoi you say? Yaoi is an acronym for YAma-nashi, Ochi-nashi, Imi-nashi or in layman's terms homosexuality, relations between two men. If this isn't your thing bugger off. The idea for this community was taken from Semes United.

The basic mechanics of a community like this is advertisement. You join the community, fill out the application and advertise the ukes you generally role play for seme role players to evaluate. The main purpose is to advertise ukes, but I'm not adverse to you advertising semes and specific pairings that you prefer either, so long as your application has uke characters in them. After you post your application you can figure out the small details with those who leave comments in your post. Enjoy! Also, continue checking back, I'll try to keep up with everyone.

1. Adhere to proper LJ conduct (no flames, insults, racism, trash talk, senseless arguments, character bashing, spamming, or otherwise unnecessary things)
2. Aside from posting applications you can discuss anything related (yaoi, anime, movies, pairings etc.)
3. If you post large images and long rants please use a lj-cut
4. While I am certainly not opposed to yaoi, there are certain things I would like to be left out, certain taboos such as incest and shota-con. These topics can be very touchy for some people so it's best to leave them out.
5. Advertisement is welcome.

When filling out these applications remember that not all people role play the same way. Some can do the fast pace IM role playing and some people like to role play on their own time through public or private communities.

Name/Nick: What you want to be or are referred to online while roleplaying
Contact Information: IM, email, community etc.
Uke/Genre/Title: You place the ukes you play here, the genre they are from, and the title...
1. Billy Lee Black/Video Game/Xenogears
2. Marron Glace/Anime/Bakuretsu Hunters
...and so on and sos forth.
Type: What is your seme preference or pairing preference, things like that can go in this space.
Guidelines: Some people operate within strict rp confines, what sort of things you like/don't like, whether you're a one sentence poster or you like detail. Are you a stickler for grammar and a serious role player or a casual role player. Are there certain things that float your boat or certain things that make your boat sink.
Other Anything else? This is a good spot to tell others what semes you play and just little quirks...whatever you want.

Ukes United's sister community, or the inspiration for this community is Semes United. If you're a Uke looking for a Seme it's your best bet.

Semes United || For The Uke Who Needs A Seme

I always encourage a link back of some sort, and you are welcome to the following options, but direct linking is not allowed, please upload to your own server should you use my button. Thank you.

Ukes United || Semes In Search Of Sweet Ukes

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