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First ad.

Name/Nick: Fredrick, Fred... ::Shrugs:: Whatever works, really.

Contact Information: IM - Logical Mystic, Yahoo - imperfectkatoru

Uke/Genre/Title: I can play characters from a lot of general series (GW, Fruits Basket, Fake, Gravi, WK, Naruto), and if anyone wanted to play series like Kino's Journey (Kino should be a guy XD) or Last Exile especially I would be EXTREMELY GRATEFUL, though usually it's my original character that I use. I'm a switch, honestly.

Type: On a personal level, I like roleplayers that enjoy sensuality, sexuality, sensitivity, romance, and sap, and all that. A good seme or uke would definitely be a hopeless romantic.

Guidelines: Usually I go for first person, though I can do third person. My lines usually are on the low side of average, but with a good enough RPer they can be much longer. I'm not really fussy about much, yeah you should have good grammar, but really it all comes down to having fun. Not much is off-limits, nothing that I can think of, as long as I'm into it at the time.

Other: I'm a very big fan of fact that makes up most of my RPs. Plenty of varied kinks for RPing, too, just ask. ~_^ I like Quatre from GW a lot. And I play (and enjoy) het and yuri, too.
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