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Hello [30 Jun 2010|05:57pm]

Name/Nick: Trinket

Contact Information: MSN - lady_trinket [at] live [dot] com, AIM - DarkLadyTrinket, email - same as MSN.

1. Souichi Tatsumi/Manga/Koi Suru Bo-kun (The Tyrant Falls in Love)
2. Kunihiro Morinaga/Manga/Koi Suru Bo-kun (The Tyrant Falls in Love)
3. Manga/Yujin Ratcliff/Akugi Ouji (Tricky Prince)
I will also play original characters, or characters from other fandoms as long as I'm familiar with them.

Type: I think its more interesting to play tsundere uke characters, but I do enjoy playing other types as well.

Guidelines: I am only comfortable with third person prose format in roleplays. Although I prefer roleplaying on a forum, I don't mind Instant Messangers. Proper grammar and spelling are always good, but a mistake here and there is okay, but I do not care for chatspeak or 1337 speak. I prefer character interaction and plots, long-term. I can roleplay just about anything, but there are a few things I absolutely will not do (ie: shota, lolita, bathroom sports, vomit, snuff, asphyxiation, necrophilia, incest).

Other: I really prefer being friends with the people I roleplay with and to discuss plots and plot devices to get the story moving along if for some reason it gets stuck. Still I do prefer surprises, that is whats so fun about roleplaying for me. As for genres and settings, I prefer just about anything if I'm familiar with it. Although I can play strict cannon, I do also enjoy slightly looser cannon or even AU's.
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[25 Nov 2009|07:00pm]

Hi, I am currently looking for a great variety of seme/dominant, uke/submissive, and (mostly) switch/seke character players. I am interested in starting a private group storyline based around elemental gods (slice of life, romance, drama, etc.) but I'm at a loss as to where to start looking other than here. I previously did a lot of real-life PB roleplay but now I would prefer to do yaoi again. I would like to return to how I first began with yaoi RP, with drawn anime-styled characters that aren't from popular animes of today (Bleach, Naruto, Kuroshitsuji, D Gray Man, etc.), so find your favorite yaoi manga, artist, etc. and crop a picture or draw your own. (Some of you are great artists, I am not.) Anyway, if you'd like more information please IM or e-mail me. I'm almost always available unless my away message is up.

AIM: ijdizzump
EMAIL: ijdump@gmail.com
EXAMPLES: Character is Drusilla Q. S. Contains samples: short biography, third-person IC thread sample, and first-person IC sample. (LINK)

If you are interested, please IM me immediately!
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THIS IS SO NOT A WHIMPY UKE >| [14 Nov 2008|07:53am]

[ mood | desperate ]

Name/Nick: Kayleigh, though Kaykay or Kay-chan is perfectly fine :]

Contact Information: IM would be the best way to IM me, though you can contact me here (Yes, I know, my profile is an epic fail. I usually don't RP on this, though if anyone wanted me to, I'd certainly be willing to try.

AIM: Ling For Emperor (If it looks like I'm offline, I'm probably just invisible)
MSN: maverick_kay@yahoo.com
YIM: maverick_kay (not on this one that much unless there's an avid RPer who uses this)

1. Lavi/Anime/D. Gray Man (I'm REALLY looking for an RP on this one, [particularly a Tyki of some sort. Though I'm open to any suggestions :3 )
2. Naruto/Anime/Naruto (Looking for an avid seme for this one too- of course I'm a classical SasuNaru fan, but ItaNaru is nice too)

And if someone wants to do an original, though it doesn't say on here, I'd be more than willing to give it a shot, as well as some other anime series that I have not mentioned. I simply mentioned mentioned the two that I really like, it doesn't mean I don't RP others.

Catch the Rabbit~Collapse )

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Candy Sweet! [06 Nov 2008|02:59pm]

[ mood | creative ]

Name:  Evee
Style:  3rd person, novel style
Format:  IM preferred, Email is tolerable.
Favorite Genre:  Fandom, modern, fantasy. historical or a blend of multiple genres.  As long as we can figure out a way to toss our characters together and find a plot we both like, I'm pretty easy.
Plays Fandom and Original settings:  I do find myself preferring fandom stuff lately.  I only play with canon characters for fandom stuff, though, a really good idea can almost always coerce me into something AU-ish and maybe even crossover stuff if that's your thing.
Fan Settings:  Bleach is my current favorite (more pairings than I can count), Hunter x Hunter (Hisoka/Illumi), Naruto (Itachi/Naruto).  I also play others, so, ask if there's a particular one you're interested in.  Though, in general, I prefer odd pairings.
Favorite Theme / Concept:  Romance, seduction, awkward relationships, mindgames, bondage, action/adventure, whatever's fun! >D
Rate your play: PG-13 to NC-17,

Bittersweet is BetterCollapse )

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Higashi Hideo Hotel RP [08 Sep 2008|11:04pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

RP Comm. Info HereCollapse )

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[22 May 2006|04:00am]


rp_yaoi is love. Click here to join.

rp_yaoi,or Roleplaying_Yaoi, is a community designed to organize RP ads and make finding an RP partner a quick process instead spending what may seem like hours searching for just the right person whose preferences match up with yours.

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Im New~ [23 Mar 2006|11:40am]

[ mood | bored ]

Name/Nick: Jason
Contact Information: Yahoo! - sasukeuchiha882004@yahoo.com
Uke/Genre/Title: Uchiha Sasuke (naruto), Youko Kurama (yu yu hakusho) , Helios (sailor moon, human form of pegasus)
Type: I love to rp naruto more than anything else but i do rp as the others...
Guidelines: im normaly serious about my rp unless im having a weird day then it isnt so serious, i dont care how long you make your rp lines it can be long or short...
Other Anything else? I dont play semes, i can never get use to it, and i like to play as uke cause i think its better...

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[21 Mar 2006|10:44am]

Name/Nick: Lizzie
Contact Information: AIM - gerudolahrali Yahoo! - lizerdbeth. For both of these, I'm generally on invisible, so just drop me an IM, and I'll more than likely get back to you quickly, unless I'm at work.
Uke/Genre/Title: Rufus Shinra/Video Game/Final Fantasy VII, Advent Children
Draco Malfoy/Book/Harry Potter
Type: Well, I'd like to find someone who plays Seifer Almasy from FFVIII for some crossover fun with Rufus. The snark possibility in that relationship kills me. But really, Rufus is great about most characters. Currently I have him paired with Vincent Valentine of FFVII and Ranmaru Mori of Samurai Warriors. I'm versatile, and can adapt. For Draco, I only pair him with Harry. For both of them, I play them as wannabe semes. They start out tough, but push the right buttons and you'll have them purring like a kitten.
Guidelines: Depending on my mood, I like impromptu "Char Name: blahblahblah *action*" type, especially for impromtu one-offs. More often then not, though, I like third person past tense story mode. Sometimes really detailed, sometimes not so much. Honestly, I'm easy to please. Good grammar is a must, and I can overlook spelling mistakes for the most part. Sort of. Heh. I'm somewhere between casual and serious about RP.
Other Anything else? Oh oh oh! I play semes! Well... one. Sephiroth. Because if he were uke, I think that my head would explode.

Any other questions that anyone may have can be directed to me via IM, or random comments on my LJ. *grins* Thanks!!
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[13 Nov 2005|09:33am]

[ mood | amused ]

Name/Nick: Call me kitty, lumi, lumi kitty, lumidee, lumidee kitty, kitten…doesn’t matter really as long as it falls in those lines.

Contact Information: My preference is if you e-mail me, I usually don’t do instant message rpg so I’m not on any IMs much.

Uke/Genre/Title: Okay I play Zell (Videogame/FFVIII), Billy (Videogame/Xenogears), Subaru (Anime, X/1999 not so much the Tokyo Babylon Subaru), Kazuki (Anime/GetBackers), Sapphire (Anime/Bishoujo Sailor Moon), Yumichika (Bleach), And depending on how you look at them Tasuki, Amiboshi, and Keisuke (Anime/Fushigi Yuugi), Majic (Anime/Orphen), Soushi (Videogame/Thousand Arms), Wolfram (Anime/Kyou Kara Maou), Marron (Anime/Sorcerer Hunters), D (Anime/Pet Shop of Horrors), Karlos (Anime/Bastard), Trunks and 17 (Anime/DBZ), Sanosuke (Anime/Kenshin), Aya (Anime/Weiss Kreuz), Quatre (Anime/Gundam Wing)…and others if I think about it hard enough.

Type: Okay I don’t as a rule, play the ukes as wimps, I attempt to keep them in character and expect semes to remain semes and not to break down into wimp semes. I love plot development and I’m pretty much for everything and anything except for incest, shota, and scat >.<

Guidelines: I am totally a third person person, I really can’t stand first person role playing, I am also the sort who like role playing by groups or communities…not on AIM or YahooIM…I get that…I’m being rushed feeling and I can’t rp under such conditions. As usual, good grammar, no l33t or shortening words to pls, thx, ttyl…bah! I am also an angst/fluff/violence combo person and I do love plots, not so much a pwp individual.

Other: Not much really, I love playing semes as well, if you want to know what sort of semes just ask me, there are various ones I play.

I am totally looking for anyone interested in Rubeus/Sapphire and Nakago/Tasuki because these pairings are a. unusual and I would love to see the dynamics, and b. neraly nonexistent...so I put the challenge to anyone!

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First ad. [03 Nov 2005|05:13pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

Name/Nick: Fredrick, Fred... ::Shrugs:: Whatever works, really.

Contact Information: IM - Logical Mystic, Yahoo - imperfectkatoru

Uke/Genre/Title: I can play characters from a lot of general series (GW, Fruits Basket, Fake, Gravi, WK, Naruto), and if anyone wanted to play series like Kino's Journey (Kino should be a guy XD) or Last Exile especially I would be EXTREMELY GRATEFUL, though usually it's my original character that I use. I'm a switch, honestly.

Type: On a personal level, I like roleplayers that enjoy sensuality, sexuality, sensitivity, romance, and sap, and all that. A good seme or uke would definitely be a hopeless romantic.

Guidelines: Usually I go for first person, though I can do third person. My lines usually are on the low side of average, but with a good enough RPer they can be much longer. I'm not really fussy about much, yeah you should have good grammar, but really it all comes down to having fun. Not much is off-limits, nothing that I can think of, as long as I'm into it at the time.

Other: I'm a very big fan of PWPs...in fact that makes up most of my RPs. Plenty of varied kinks for RPing, too, just ask. ~_^ I like Quatre from GW a lot. And I play (and enjoy) het and yuri, too.

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